The SDA pin is often pulled high by having an exterior gadget

Info alterations through SCL substantial periods will show a start out or prevent affliction as defined below. Start off Ailment: A high-to-low changeover of SDA with SCL high is often a start out problem which will have to precede some other command.

Cease Affliction: A low-to-high changeover of SDA with SCL superior is actually a stop situation which ter- minates all communications. Soon after a go through sequence, the cease command will place the EEPROM in the standby electrical power mode.

Acknowledge: All addresses and information terms are serially transmitted to and within the EEPROM in 8-bit text. Any product over the method bus receiving data (when communicating with the EEPROM) must pull the SDA bus very low to accept that it’s got correctly gained each individual word.

This ought to come about all through the ninth clock cycle immediately after every word received and after all other program units have freed the SDA bus. The EEPROM will furthermore accept by pull- ing SDA low soon after obtaining each individual deal with or details phrase.

STANDBY Mode: The AT24C11 characteristics a reduced electric power standby method that’s enabled: (a) upon power-up and (b) just after the receipt on the Stop little bit as well as the completion of any inner functions.