Synchronous data time products and specifications have changed

Synchronous Data timingzThese products and their specifications are subject to change without notice. Beforeconsidering any use or application, consult the Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co., Ltd. (AKM)sales office or authorized distributor concerning their current status.zAKM assumes no liability for infringement of any patent, intellectual property, or otherright in the application or use of any information contained herein.

zAny export of these products, or devices or systems containing them, may require anexport license or other official approval under the law and regulations of the country ofexport pertaining to customs and tariffs, currency exchange, or strategic materials.

zAKM products are neither intended nor authorized for use as critical components in anysafety, life support, or other hazard related device or system, and AKM assumes noresponsibility relating to any such use, except with the express written consent of theRepresentative Director of AKM.

As used here:(a) A hazard related device or system is one designed or intended for life support ormaintenance of safety or for applications in medicine, aerospace, nuclear energy, orother fields, in which its failure to function or perform may reasonably be expected toresult in loss of life or in significant injury or damage to person or property.

(b) A critical component is one whose failure to function or perform may reasonably beexpected to result, whether directly or indirectly, in the loss of the safety oreffectiveness of the device or system containing it, and which must therefore meetvery high standards of performance and reliability.

z It is the responsibility of the buyer or distributor of an AKM product who distributes,disposes of, or otherwise places the product with a third party to notify that party inadvance of the above content and conditions, and the buyer or distributor agrees toassume any and all responsibility and liability for and hold AKM harmless from any andall claims arising from the use of said product in the absence of such notification.